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Most countries in the world already have laws that support pet identification as part of responsible animal ownership. However, many of them do not have entities responsible for the registry, nor a decentralized and safe system to use.

Our project not only seeks to identify and register, we also seek to create a strong community that faces and takes action against the current situation of animals in a state of abandonment, extinction, mistreatment, hunting, productive abuse, illegal trafficking, etc.

That is why we work with different registration entities in the world.

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Endangered animal

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Animal abuse

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Illegal traffic

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Animal exploitation

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Abandonment status

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What are register entities?

They are all those institutions that have the ability to apply the microchip and upload the records in the Web 3 — W.A.R. , all formally under the provisions of each country.

There are 3 essential requirements to become a WAR ally:

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Step 1

Being a company, NGO, government entity dedicated to registering animals

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Step 2

Be part of our foundation.

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Step 3

Have the platform training certificate.

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The World Animal Registry is an organization decentralized international agency that works to formalize the registration of animals, to strengthen the responsible animal ownership system worldwide.

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